Saturday, 25 July 2015

Newborough Warren, Abermenai and Forest circular. 7 miles

A good forecast so we were off at ten o clock, light traffic and we were soon there. We parked in the free car park with the yellow work of art, a quick change of shoes and we were off. About a quarter of a mile and we picked up the well marked path across the Warren, a well walked path through the dunes with an abundance of birds and butterflies, when up a few feet we spied the ponies, all colours but we'll away from the path. Before long we had reached the end of the dunes and the gate onto the mudflats, yes it looked muddy and after a few words we went our separate ways, me across the flats which turned out not to be muddy and Sue took the path round the outside, I won by nearly half an hour. I reached Aber Menai point first and sat waiting looking across at Caernarfon, to this point just over an hour. Soon we were walking into the wind towards Llandwyn Island and there was acres of beach as it had just gone low tide. This part of the walk seemed to take forever so we stopped and sat on a piece of driftwood for lunch. Refreshed we carried on but didn't know that since our visit last year the diggers had been in and redesigned the exit from the beach and we walked straight past. We retraced our steps and took the now easy exit from the beach and followed the path through the forest back to the car park, not seeing any red squirrels again. Sore feet and seven miles under our belt. We would recommend this walk to anyone.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Six miles, Glan Gwna to Caernarfon circular walk

  1. We left Glan Gwna and headed off down the main road passing Segontium on the way, down through the Maes to the castle and then down the street passing the Black Boy on our way to the Marina. We decided to walk a way down Lon Los Menai, we sat at the stone circle for our lunch and then headed back past the Marina and round the town walls to the bridge, we decided to go back past Coed Helen to the main road. Here we did a quick right and left and up the back lanes eventually coming out at Glan Gwna. A long walk in the rain.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Four miles around Harlech

We parked in the village centre and after a quck look at the castle we set off down the main street picking up a path down on the village edge. A short stop at a view point and then down we went a good path that brought us to the main road. we crossed here and then crossed the railway and we were then by the golf course, good views all round we headed on through the dunes to the beach. Low tide and firm hard sand to walk on, we had a mile to do. We could see our exit by the massive number of people coming onto the sands. Again we found ourselves at the other end of the golf course. We found a seat for lunch and took in the views and chatted to a local man for a while. We could see the castle so an uphill walk was  next and before we new it we were back at the Castle. Four and a bit miles in the sun.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

On the beach at Dinas Dinnle, four miles.

Rain forecast for this afternoon so we were at Dinas for eleven and parked on the small carpark by the runway. The tide was out and still going for another hour or so. We set off towards Fort Belan on the sand and went up and down as we found ourselves cut off now and again, we had to put a sweatshirt on as there was a good wind. After an hour we were in sight of Fort Belan but decided not to go any further and climbed onto the top and walk the dunes for part of the way back. Before we knew it we were back at the car and heading for home, a good bracing walk by the sea.