Monday, 19 January 2015

Four miles around Marbury Park

Another cold day, we parked by the 'Tip' Stanley Arms to most people. From here we walked down the main road passing the old Post Office until we reached Hopyards Wood. Here we entered what is an extension to Marbury Park, as a lad I cycled past here and it was a productive farm but that's progress for you. After a few hundred yards we dropped down into the woods crossing a fast flowing stream and then followed the path until we arrived on Marbury Lane. A few yards down here and we turned right into Marbury Park proper, the grounds to the old Marbury Hall long since demolished by the council. We went to the bird hides by the Mere and there were a group of twitchers trying to spot the Bittern we saw a photo, Sue saw the bird through the mans super lens but that was it, a few ducks some blue tits and we were on our way. We have done this walk many times and before we knew it we were by the canal and our car. A pleasant two hours.


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