Saturday, 13 September 2014

'Another Place' a five mile walk at Crosby with the Anthony Gormley's Iron Men.

Saturday again, what shall we do. The coast sounds good, we did Crosby a couple of years ago so we thought it was time to go again. As usual en route we go wrong at the end of the motorway so after a short diversion we arrive. Sat Nav and lost again, we were at the far end of the walk so we have a chance to do it backwards. A free carpark and Loo's what more can you ask for. Off we go we have caught the tide on the turn so we had only a couple of hours so straight onto the sands and a few of the men were already under water and you could see the speed that the tide was coming in. we moved down the beach taking pictures as we went a very clean beach with some muddy parts. As we turned the corner the beach widened out and more men came into view, odd ones with clothes on, most without. Before we new it we were at the marine lake end of the walk, you can go no farther, so here we sat in the sun and had our lunch and a well earned rest and then proceeded back to the car walking most of the way on the sands but as we neared the end we had to come off the beach as it was under water. Now a quick ice-cream and home for four o clock.

This is what its about


The facilities 30p a bit expensive


I don't feel to bad now this is quite small


An American in a linen suit took this picture



Cannot swim


The End


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