Sunday, 21 September 2014

Three mile walk round Porthmadoc and Borth y Gest.

Parking at Lidl we set off right down the road for a couple of hundred yards taking a signed path on the left. 


This climbed swiftly through the trees in a meandering fashion, few of the stiles remaining. We soon reached the viewpoint marked on the map and the views were good.

From here we crossed two stiles and then made down a very steep poorly kept path eventually reaching the caravan park. Here we passed quickly through the very well kept park and turned right onto the main road, after a few yards entering a lane and then left again onto the footpath to Borth y gest. 

We came out on the front at Borth and our path was left, however it was a lovely day so we went right and sat on one of the many seats round the bay and had our lunch. The tide was out the sun was hot, as we retraced our path to the steps our next diversion was along Garth Road rather than along Dock Road as we new the views were far better and it was worth the uphill climb, and we were not disappointed. The old car was still there and the views just as good as we remembered, then down the many steps to the harbour. More seats so we had another sit down in the sun for a few minutes, the marina looking a bit sad and muddy with no water but the ducks and gulls having a feast.
Now we moved on down the main street very quiet for a Sunday, this shows the bypass is working, down to the roundabout and left back to the car.

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