Saturday, 1 November 2014

6 miles round North Rode and Gawsworth with Liz and Pete

We drove to Liz and Pete's and then changed cars, Pete drove to North Rode via Congleton, a lot of traffic on the roads. We parked by the canal and then set off up the road soon picking up a sign that took us across fields. We did a small diversion to look at the St Michael's parish church in the tiny hamlet of North Rode then back tracked to pick up the path again. we continued across the fields passing fisheries and eventually arriving at Gawsworth. Here we had lunch on a bench in the church yard. We were lucky with the weather, a bit of drizzle for a few minutes and the rest quite mild. We walked through Gawsworth passing the Hall and then across the fields until we met the road. Here we turned Right and then stayed on the road until we reached the canal, now we were on the home straits and a pleasant walk down the canal brought us to the locks and also the car. A pleasant autumn walk and very wet feet. New boots needed.



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