Thursday, 27 November 2014

Anglesey Menai Bridge walk Five miles.

A fine day in Wales, where can we go? as we needed to go to Bangor we decided to Park by Menai Bridge and do a local walk there. We decided to do the walk to Brittania Bridge. We set off over the bridge with stunning views down the Straits, then turned to go down into Menai Bridge to get down to the water, turning under the bridge the Straits were flowing very quickly and it would soon be high tide, before long we were  on the Belgian Promenade with that classic view of the bridge, then we proceeded past Church Island and up to the road, we decided to walk along the road to the other bridge and come back along the waters edge, when we reached our return path we thought we should go further and then come back under The Brittania Bridge so on we went. We then decided to go past our path and visit the Church and the Statue of Nelson on the Straits, we took photographs and then headed beck and were soon passing under the bridge where we found a seat and stopped for lunch. The path was then on a board walk through the woods and easy going along a fenced off path. The last field was a disaster very wet and boggy but we were soon through and then back along the road to the car.

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