Thursday, 19 March 2015

Four and a half miles on the slate around Blaenau Ffestiniog

Where shall we go today, Sue said I have a walk so off we went. We followed the sat nav but what a mistake, such a hold up at Aber Glaslyn, then another and another, but eventually we got there, why anyone would come here god only knows. We parked by the station for two fifty. We followed the directions, turn left at the job centre but when we asked that went long ago but this is the corner. All I could think was it looks a long way up, the gates came and the track, the junction was here and we could see a yellow marker so we were on our way. Up and up we went harder and harder it was, magnificent views though and soon we were at the top of an incline but also a sign saying end of public footpath, oh dear, looking at the map we could see where we were and that we were way off our route but if we carried on up we would soon rejoin our route. We found a way up behind the old winding shed, and then found another track and could see the pipeline mentioned in the walk. It didn't look far but no path and long grass, by the time I got there my legs had gone, I took two puffs on my inhaler and went all funny so decided to sit down then have a bit of a lie down, chest beating like mad and every breath hard work. After what seemed like an eternity I sat up again, Sue suggested going back the way we came but we were up as far as we were going to be so I said we could carry on. We knew we were back on the walk properly, then we passed the winding house and then reached the two lakes, magnificent views and now we had reached about half way and the final turn, not a very well used path but we soon found the wall and stile, we headed for the rocks and then we were by the next two lakes and then standing on the end of a slag heap with magnificent views over Tanygrisiau and Transffynid . A scramble down the face of the heap and then downhill all the way, three and a half hours and we were back at the car.

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