Sunday, 8 March 2015

Four miles Newborough Forest to Malltraeth and back

It rained all morning so we had to get out, it looked brighter in the direction of Anglesey so we set off to Newborough, we parked in the car park on the left of the road. We walked along the cycle path to Malltraeth stopping to bird watch as we went, White Egret being the best. After a conversation with an old climber by the sluice we left the cycleway and took the road back to Newbrough, as we reached the Forest again we took the path to the left soon picking up a forest path that crossed to the other side, a right turn and we were soon at the road. We turned right and then right again into the forest, lots of people looking for Red Squirrels, we saw none. Then we looked for the bird hides, these have now gone both of them, a large Heron the biggest bird we saw here. We took a path to the centre of the forest and then a left turn onto a track which took us back to the road and we were soon back at the car. A couple of hours, nice walk.

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