Thursday, 2 October 2014

Five mile Holyhead breakwater walk.

 Thursday morning and the sun is shining again, where today, the forecast shows Anglesey to be in sunshine all day. Eleven o clock and we are on our way. We parked on the road by the maritime museum. Sun shine and a light breeze we are on our way. The roof has now gone off the old derelict hotel still looking a mess. Then we reached the start of the breakwater, a few people about, one or two fishermen and a few Council workers pretending to work. Before we new it we were at the lighthouse, a few small boat movements but non of the ferries yet. The war planes being very active and noisy, we sat at the foot of the lighthouse and had our picnic, then we set off on the lower level for the walk back. The two ferries left while we were walking back and a marine launch came in as we reached the harbour. Three hours after we set off we were back at the car, a quick ice cream and we were on our way. 18 deg the temperature.

  Nearly there, not much wind

last weekend we were stood on top of the Mountain behind Sue

Nearly a mile long this breakwater made with stone from the mountain in the pictures

This was the first picture for some reason blogger puts them in backwards

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