Friday, 3 October 2014

Four miles Aberglaslyn Pass and Bryn Du

The weather was fine so off we set for Beddgelert, we parked in our usual car park by the walking shop and off we went, into the village and left over the bridge crossing the river and heading off down Aberglaslyn Pass, not much had changed some of the paths improved but a bit hairy as we neared the bridge. A few people about but not many, on reaching the bridge we crossed the road and headed in the Porthmadog direction and after a hundred or so yards found our path on the right. This was the tough part of the walk and we seemed to be climbing for ever. After what seemed an eternity we came to the stile over the wall, we knew this was near the highest point and a few minutes we were rewarded with fantastic views all round. In a minute or so we found the tower, this was to be our lunch stop as it protected us from the wind. Fed and rested we set off down the hill here the paths had been raised over the boggy bits so dry feet. After a while I did my usual trick and went a cropper, fortunately other than a bruised hand and sore fingers no broken bones. It was not long before we were back at the road, now we knew where we were and after a look at Gelerts grave we headed back to the car, I fancied a pint but we didn't bother this time and headed home. A very nice walk.

Here is peter Peddle he always says hello

Tanronen Inn we stayed here 16 years ago I fell over then as well

We knew we were close to the top here thats why she is smiling

This was our Lunch stop we sat on the oposite side to the wind

Just after this I went a cropper a lucky escape just my pride bruised and a sore hand.

Here we are at Gelerts Grave more or less the end of the walk.

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