Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Five and a half miles Seacombe to New Brighton and return.

Tuesday and no wind, we set off to Liverpool to give the car a run and parked at the Ferry terminal, no wind and nearly high tide so off we went. We have done this walk a couple of times but always started at the other end so this way for a change. we soon dropped down onto the beach but could see the tide covering the sand banks but we were ok for a while. Before we knew it we were by the pirate ship, still surviving the winter storms and then we were at Perch Rock. There were a few people about but the car parks were empty. Now the wind had got up so no picnic on the sea front so we set off back. We took shelter on the leeward side of one of the shelters and sat and watched the boat activity and had our lunch. Before we new it we were at the Ferry pub but too cold for a pint. We spoke to some of the anglers but they were not catching anything and then we were back at the car, a good refreshing walk.

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