Saturday, 14 February 2015

Three and a half miles around Vale Royal

A couple of years since we walked around Vale Royal Abbey so late on a Saturday here we are. We parked at the end of the old road to the Abbey and headed off up the old driveway, a warning sign about the trees and we entered a neglected area of woodland. We soon reached the junction with St Mary's Drive, the new road with its line of million pound houses. Then we reach the Abbey with its profusion of no parking signs and on the other side of the road the golf course, well manicured and maturing well with age. Then we reached the old driveway to the bypass, this is now closed to traffic used only by fishermen. Next we reach the turn to the locks, a coot and a duck nothing more exciting on the pools. The locks suffering the ravages of time, no list of birds so we then head back towards the drive. Next we took a right turn off the drive, this took us across a field and then dropped us into the woods next to the golf course. We carefully crossed the course and picked up the sign posted path through the houses. A right turn and then two hundred yards and we are back at the car.

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